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We wanted you to know all about the crops of cash we have assembled together here through affiliate programs.   With so much being said, it must be hard to find what is really cool and works vs what's out there so to take a huge chance with.   But do not worry about anything, because we take time to list the top affiliate products along with the top affiliate marketing programs.  Homesteaders and Preppers need a way to make money from home while attending to the livestock and garden.  

.Sea Veg Whole Food Seaweed Supplement with Fucoidan

A new generation of farmers

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It is very important to plan a garden design that works not only for your climate zone but for your particular landscape.   We want you to know that all our recommended garden ideas and products are organic and safe.   We do the research  for you so you can spend quality time with your loved ones.  


All products are shipped directly to your home environmentally friendly recycle boxes. If you find defects, let us know. Replace the product ...



 Harvest the freshest products to you and your family. By choosing Survival Seeds Plus great garden ideas will come your way.   We have proven organic  gardening techniques.  

Our process was transmitted from generation to generation, and today we still feel proud to deliver what comes from our earth to the table of your family.

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As a Prepper it's necessary to always look for a good deal.  On Anything!  It could be the very item needed during a disaster.  

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